If you’re not getting interviews, there’s a 90% or more chance that your resume is not solid. Companies utilize Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) to screen applications prior to reviewing resumes and we fully understand how to get you past a computer and to the hiring manager’s desk!

After resumes are scanned into applicant tracking systems, they will be searched and ranked. A hiring manager decides which keywords best identify the skills needed in a candidate for a particular position; typically the reviewer will have several keywords that are mandatory, and others that are desirable. Based upon those keywords, the system performs a search.

 Resumes are ranked according to the number of keyword matches. Of those, resumes that have more of the desired keywords rank higher. Therefore, in addition to placing relevant keywords and phrases throughout the resume and cover letter, an extra Keyword Summary may maximize the effectiveness of your documents.

 Get your resume into the hands of a real person by investing in a professional resume writer. Don’t be cheap with your career, because it will ultimately cost you much more than a resume-writing fee.

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